Lautaro Martínez

Lautaro is an impressive striker, he's very versatile on the pitch, he's strong, he dribbles well, he can score goals and he knows how to protect the football. Lautaro is a combination on the pitch, in him I see the kind of dexterity of Sergio Aguero, he can always easily get rid of the opposition in the process of the team; I see that kind of power in Gabriel Batistuta when he shoots; in the box I see in him the cunning and cleverness of Hernán Crespo, who is always on the right track The time

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Lautaro Javier Martinez

  • Date of Birth: 22 August 1997 (age 24)

  • Place of Birth: Bahia Blanca, Argentina

  • Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)

  • Current Team:Inter Milan 

  • Position: Striker

  • Number: 10

  • His Parents: Lautaro Martinez was born on July 22, 1997 in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, to Karina Vanesa Gutiérrez and Mario Martínez. Although he grew up in a city dominated by the wealthy, Lautaro Martinez came from a poor family and has little to tell other than memories of his father's successful career as a footballer. Yes, that's right, his father was also a footballer.

  • Lautaro Martínez with brothers and dad.jpg

  • His Girlfriend: Lautaro Martínez used to date Sol Pérez, but they split in 2017. They parted because of different career plans when Lautaro Martínez was called up to play for Inter. It didn't take long for Lautaro Martinez to find love again. She is a model named Agustina Gandolfo with whom she would like to go to Europe. Judging by how the two lovers interact, the two seem to fit in perfectly, and I think it's only a matter of time before Agustina Gandolfo becomes his wife.

The Story of  Lautaro Martinez

  • As I mentioned earlier, Lautaro's father was also a football player. His father has struggled with retirement over the years, so he hopes to continue his dream through his son. Luckily Lautaro was physically educated by his father and determined his ambition in life - to become a professional football player. A love of the sport and Lautaro's determination to succeed gave Lautaro the courage to start a football tryout at the city's local club, the Liniers. Luckily he was accepted by the club and learned a lot from his father.

  • During his early years at the club, Lautaro Martinez followed his father's guidance and through his own efforts, he managed to grow up in the youth ranks of the Liniers academy. So he wanted to join a better club.

  • At the age of 15, he was discovered by Boca Juniors who invited him to a trial training. But in the end, the club rejected him, saying he did not meet the standard to play for them. Lautaro Martinez never gave up, though. A year later, his brilliance caught the attention of Racing Club interim coach Fabio Ladali, who signed him in January 2014.

  • Lautaro rose to prominence thanks to his attacking and scoring abilities. Because of his increasing performance, other great clubs such as Real Madrid, Valencia, Atlético de Madrid, and Inter Milan started to take an interest in him. In the end, Inter Milan signed him.

  • At Inter, despite being used as a substitute, Lautaro did his best. At the 2019 Copa America tournament, he forged a strong partnership with Messi.

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